Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The House Up On the Hill

Since I was a child, every week I visit my pop's house up in West Grove, PA. The Lamborn's built the house and to this day it still belongs in the family. My great grand parents on my father's side built the house in the 1930's once when it was just flat land before all the hovering green trees, my nana lived there raising my father, and my father and mother raised me there for part of my life. I adore that house, much of my art is inspired by this enchanting place. 

Its up on the hill with stone walls that welcome you up the lane, with many flowering bushes that are like comfy guards in pales pinks and whites. The house is brick with white siding and stone stairs in two areas with an open porch with the front doors in an unusual spot. 

Up the lane behind the house you are welcomed by a pebble lane, a blooming garden and a wooden elevated deck which once was my set of my cooking show as a child. It slowly has decayed over the years with a weeping cherry tree folding over. Up in the bank behind the house are numerous wood piles and what I like to call the graveyard which is the home of three dead skeletons of Broncos. 

Sometimes I like to sneak over to the neighbors yard which has a little vine hut that I do photoshoots under, goats and a mountain that I used to climb as a child. 

With the seasons always changing, nothing is the same and I find myself taking so many photos there. Below are photos from the past few months welcoming spring and summer. 



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