Monday, November 10, 2008

The Dark Duchess

The past two months have been wonderful for me, I had my first art show back in September, it went off very well and everyone was so supportive. I ended up selling two necklaces,  a shadow box called Armored Saint and two tiny brass box relics. I came back even stronger for my second art show in October. Over 130 people came out to see my work along with two other brilliant artists. Having more assemblages and relics I was very successful and featured new work, I sold the Two Hearts, Two Souls collage, Vampire in the Dark painting and had a commission for a for a custom Skeleton Krew portrait like the one featured below. I can't wait to have another art show, while in Salem last week I picked up some new portraits to add to my Skeleton Krew collection. I look forward to creating new works and have been feeling inspired lately, all I need now, is time.

Sally Mae, finally completed! Gouache on antique photo in wooden frame, aprox 2.5' x 3.5'.

SOLD Vampire in the Dark, gouache on board in oval frame.

SOLD Two Hearts, Two Souls collage of original anatomical hearts in antique oval brass frames with glass.

Skeleton Krew Portrait No. 11, gouache on antique photo in plaster and wood frame.


Blood Milk said...

I wish I had made it to one of your shows!!! I love all your have to let me know how Salem went, I'm still super jealous!

R.E.II™ (the blog without a beginning) said...

I am interested in your character

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