Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Past Life Regression

Last year, a friend of mine Becca from The Caravan and I were talking about the concept of Past Life Regression, I've seen some shows about this technique of going into a hypnosis to reveal old memories or being reborn from past lives. This kind of thing really fascinates me, one day I wish to get this done professionally. However Becca and I did a little research on how to tap into these memories yourself. Months before I tried this experiement, Becca did it herself and said she had visions of syringes and strange men with masks holding her down in a garden of some kind, really creepy, she later revealed that for the longest time she has always been afraid of needles. From there I truly was intrigued!

Before you do this meditation, you want to be in the right state of mind, find a time when you are aware but not overly tired, lay down in a relaxing place with no distractions. Once you are comfortable you can try this technique I did: envision yourself walking down a flight of stairs while counting down from 100, once you reach the bottom you will envision a door that you will open. The time may vary for different people in which you will fall into the trance, with my experience I sort of fell in a light sleep but I was still conscious, this took me about 4-5 minutes.

It was nothing I've ever experienced before, after I opened my door during the exercise, I saw a pink house surrounded by a sunny sky, bright green grass on a neighborhood street right out of the early 1900s. From my perspective it seemed as if I was across the street taking on the fullness of the house, in the front yard was a little girl in a short dress with white apron. My next vision was a black long looking car that pulled up to the house and parked for a moment then drove away. I was really anxious to see inside but the windows were jet black and the driver was hidden.

From that point the vision jumped to a backyard, where I saw four children standing in a line looking at me. The whole time there were no sounds, just images flashing, I tried looking at myself, at my shoes and clothing, but nothing. Right after I looked up I saw a middle aged woman maybe mid 40s, she was in all black, could of been mourning clothes but hard to tell from the vision, however she had really long hair but she didn't reveal her face to me. Abruptly my perspective changed and I was inside a box or wall looking out, I saw this hand reach in and pull out an old style hand gun. I was really confused at this point, but just mourning fell over me.

The beginning of my experience in the trance was very innocent and reminded me of childhood, the children standing together really reminds me of my brothers and how we always stuck together. But later after seeing the woman I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness, were those that woman's children? The vision of the gun was really disturbing and depressing, like something tragic happened. Now that I look back to the beginning maybe the car could of been some kind of of hearse passing by bringing souls or a sign of death to the house. I couldn't tell you what the meanings were, could that that woman have been me? To tell you the truth, whenever I am around small children, I often get really teary eyed for some reason; very bizarre. I really want to do more of these sessions and to try and get a connection of similar places or feelings, it was truly an amazing experience that lasted only about 15 minutes, but it is something that is truly unforgettable.

Here are some sites that are very insightful about Past Life Regression:


Blood Milk said...

o i love it. those pictures are spot on too.

The Empty Envelope said...

Very interesting! I've fiddled with it a bit, came up with some interesting things. Let us know if you do more!

EmeliaNova said...

always believed in reincarnation. can't wait to try the technique you are describing. thank you!

Charlene Simon said...


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