Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Skeleton Krew in the works

I've been just super busy this week at work that I am behind on so many things. But I thought I'd take a breather and share a new painting that is in the works from my Skeleton Krew Collection. Meet Master Gorey and his wife Lenor, they are caught in a moment all dolled up during their march in the Black Parade.

Master Gorey is a calm gentlemen, he almost seems too charming to be dressed in his devilish costume. Lenore has a slight crazed look about her, she is in traditional Day of the Dead makeup matched with black attire. This is the first stage of the painting, they almost look a little comical at this point, I have much more creepy detailing to do on their faces and also I will be adding a little coloring to the flowers on her blouse. I really love this photo, reminds a little of the odd couple from the painting
American Gothic, though here these odd folks are dressed for death; walking on the path of mortality.


Caathy♥ said...

This is fab :D
Just my style, i love it.

Cathy, xo.

Blood Milk said...

o so lovely.

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