Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RED SALE in July!

I can't believe it is the middle of 2009 already, boy does time fly! To celebrate the summer, I am having another Red Sale, starting today all items at Red Heart 13 will be 10% off, this includes paintings too. Later during the week I will be adding a new section called Red Sale Specials, this section will featured reduced jewelry pieces, sort of a summer cleaning perhaps.

Don't forget to check out the new arrivals this week:

~ 1) A Time Bandit necklace for any wild darling who loves gunslingers and time travel; it is a tribute to my favorite novel series The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

~ 2) A True Blood Coffin necklace for modern mourners or lovely vamps who heart such classics as Nosferatu; made from a solid pewter coffin, chandelier crystal and red plastic pendants that resemble flying bat wings.

~ 3) These darling La La Land Tulip earrings are just the cutest, I could a imagine this world being filled with cotton candy, ligers and unicorns.

~ 4) A small relic to wear over your heart matched with a vintage rhinestone pendant, this Adorned Hope Vintage Necklace is inspired by ancient reliquaries matched with classic romance.

Starting this week I am going to feature a new arrival that has a story behind it.

~ 5) The St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida is said to be haunted; it is an erosion of beauty that stands tall and hold several tragedies including Mr. Andreau, the original lighthouse keeper who fell to his death while painting the tower. There are claims of hearing footsteps, laughs of children and an odor of cigar smoke. This Haunted St. Augustine Necklace is a memento of locked doors and an entry tower to view the vast seas and the welcoming of forgotten sailors.

A vintage brass genuine keyhole escutcheon from Barcelona Spain has traveled far and now will adorn a new carrier ready for future travels. An enchanting lighthouse pendant  hangs below, made of brass and has exquisite detail including scroll borders. I am not sure the identity of this lighthouse but it adds some mystery, could there be lost souls lurking inside those walls? 
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