Monday, July 6, 2009

New Paintings In the Process

I'd like to introduce Skeleton Krew: no. 025 Weeping Eileen, she is quite an odd one for she makes me feel sad, my soul meets with hers as I stare into her eyes. I have painted many portraits but she is one of the most captivating, the mood is just so somber. Tragic…perhaps she was caught in the seconds of being so vulnerable and lonely. Her look is natural with a hint of lunacy.

Eileen is a new painting that will be going at the Toothless Cat gallery in philly that is run by Jason Goldberg, Dave Fox and J.L. Schnabel of Blood Milk, I will be heading down there Wed night to display some pieces for the cash/carry wall. 

Lately I've been going mad with finding new portraits for my Sweet Heart / Skeleton Krew Collection, I've been elaborating on the concept of sideshow characters and the my fascination of twins. At a later date I will share more on the details and my process/progress. Below is a new portrait that I found of this heavenly woman in a gesso frame. I haven't decided whether she will be a vampress or ghoul. Isn't she lovely?



Cathy said...

Oh, my. I love this.
You are amazing.
You are also very good at expressing yourself >.<

Cathy x

Bone*Head*Studios said...

What a beautiful blog!!!I would love to have a clickable link to advertise your banners on my blog
is there an avatar that you might allow me to put?

Blood Milk said...

everyone is commenting on your work! i hope you bring more soon!

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