Monday, July 27, 2009

A Small Moment With the Macabre

The weekend was quite pleasant, I finally was able to sit down and paint yesterday amongst thunderstorms and I Survived. However I found myself a little uninspired and afraid to take on my larger portraits of my Skeleton Krew Collection.

So I stuck to some small and petite portraits, I started a small tintype, who I am just chilled by, she reminds me of Damien from The Omen. I am also in the process of painting Moth Queen, a dance between midnight masquerades and woodland enchantment. 

I just love the imperfections of gouache when transparent shades run into each other. I really dig the upper left of her wings, though I am unhappy with her face and wings at the moment, the weird thing is that I love when water mixes with the brush after it hits the surface, however when it dries it is an odd thing; sometimes becoming too dark. She will probably take another couple of rounds until I am in love. I almost wish I could capture the look of paint under water, so lucid, just how hair flows so freely in the bathtub.



Laurie said...

Wow! These are seriously disturbing.
Best wishes

Charlene Simon said...

I am infatuated with these. Please do keep them coming! Where can they be purchased?

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