Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet the New Family!

I'd like to introduce some new members to the Skeleton Krew, they are in their true state and yet haven't been initiated into the death yet, but they are quite astonishing, unpleasant looks from holding still for so long or perhaps heartbroken thoughts seep out from within?

I went rummaging around the Main Street Antique store the other day before dinner and me being obsessed with Victorian and early portraits, I bought seven new portraits for my Skeleton Krew Collection (plus I have my eye on a large portrait of a gypsy woman in a wooden frame with convex glass that I will be picking up this weekend). I just love the intricate borders around their faces and am just mad about tin types as well. The first SK portrait I ever did was on a tin type and the outcome was overly macabre, I cannot wait to paint these miniature faces.

I am often drawn to photographs of young children, perhaps their innocence calls to me, as I grow older I never want those magical moments of my childhood to disappear. I often imagine what it was like during their time periods, how they played or if anything tragic happened to them growing up. These delicate expressions are forever frozen in time.

Growing up I've always been into the darker things in life, in my teens years, vampires and horror were always of interest but as I grew as a woman in my 20s I had experienced death of a close loved one. That has opened my eyes to mourning processes, the true darker things in life and viewing our bodies as ticking machines that will eventually stop. I often look at these portraits and think how these people may have died……our body in the end, is made of many apparatus' that all work together breathing our souls, eventually our bodies end to decompose back into the ground, where life is reborn. With the brevity and fragility of human life in the face of God and nature, one must live like there is no tomorrow!


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Joe said...

I couldn't leave without dropping a comment. I like your writing style. Kind of depressing, but deep and even inspiring.

"one must live like there is no tomorrow!"


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