Friday, August 28, 2009

Agnes of the Immaculate Retention - 1979

Upon the discovery of my new obsession with bloodmilk's tumblr, I had come across this haunting photo that lead me to Angelhead. Tour the macabre photography by Angelhead, many of them inspired by the supernatural, death, Revelations and oddities. I could very well stare at these dark portraits of decadence and decay for hours; all come welcomed with a magnificent haunting story or quote.

Amongst my new inspirations, I was drawn to one image in particular called Anges of the Immaculate Retention - 1979. I am not sure if this story is direct history to a particular person or just wondrous nightmares written with luster; I wish I could see the photographic artifacts left behind in the house and the musty smells of horrid enrapturing a secluded paradise filled with death and Catholics reliquaries.

In northern Scotland Agnes Rose Willmington lived at this address for over forty years. 
During this time she only spoke to one other human being,
her mother, who died in 1951.
Upon Agnes' death in the winter of 1979,
authorities found in the old house:
over 1,000 bibles,
297 prayer books,
50 statues of Mary,
over a 1,000 crucifix's,
and 70 mason jars filled with urine and feces.


1 comment

wiec? said...

i dunno if you'd want to see the 70 mason jars.

however being someone who's not the least bit religous i'd still like to see the crucifix collection.

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