Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Logan Adornment Necklace

My Logan holds all the letters I have shed from my soul and he reads them while under the swamped rain in Vietnam.

Dear Logan Adornment Necklace ~ This vintage necklace is an ode to the military men of the States, strong and determined, they fight for all. I also was greatly inspired by the beast of a man, Wolverine, aka James Howlett and commonly known as Logan. I've had these separate pieces for a while and have been waiting for the right moment to combine them harmoniously. 

A long brass chain features petite brown pearls, a vintage dog tag that reads LOGAN 0338 and a vintage brass pendant, that reminds me of a bullet or telescope. The special thing about this pendant is it is a hidden tool for writing special letters or secret notes. The pendant opens revealing a brass bullet shell pen that contracts to fit in the hand. The current ink is dried up but can easily be unscrewed to refill.

Enjoy this new revamped design, along with 13 other new jewelry pieces this week at Red Heart 13, be sure to check out the NEW ARRIVALS section.

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