Friday, August 7, 2009


One of my all time favorite things is searching for buried treasure, whether be antique stores, flea markets or my grandmother's attic! Once again I blew my money on junk or what I like to call Buried Treasure (and you wonder why I can't save for a house). Recently I've been in the organizing mode and realized that I was short on the odd and unusal; so where did I turn to: the Newcastle Farmer's Market.

The usuals were there; but a new face, a new horder and a place of glorious treasure. I spent about a half an hour at this man's table, he was a spanish man and looked as if he traveled the lonely roads like a gunslinger in search of rare finds. He had a collection of strange pieces in cases all hand picked by him, I was just in awe of his collections. He was an avid collector of antique religious medals like me, and had odd emblems, keys and a Victorian wooden cross that I wanted so bad. By the end of the day I came away with many new pieces; I can't wait to bring them to my shop all dolled up to adorn your neck, earrings or wrist.

Two brass lion head knocker drawer pulls, two vintage brass guards keys, brass pendant, petite bourbon liquor tag, vintage enamel deer brooch, rhinestone enamel and glass beads, miniature rope pulley, empty bullet shell, bullet pendant, royal emblem drawer pull, pocket watch, train whistle, stork snips, two pocket knives, vintage comb, 20 religious medals and rosary, petite chandelier spikes, plus much more.



Evil Lily said...

I'm in love with the deer brooch!

Looks like you had a good haul! I hope I can get back up to Canton to the flea market before I move to South Carolina.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fabulous! i can't wait to see what you do with these!

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