Monday, August 3, 2009

IN PROGRESS: Midnight Spell Painting

One look into the mystifying eyes of Dracula; one could soon fall under the spell of doom.

She is quite dazzling and lost in a Midnight Spell, walking the grounds in search of her prey. This is new painting in the works, my second dance with oils. They are quite getting used to, I am finding that I like oils more and more, even though I had to start over about three times, I need to let myself just go with the flow instead of being constrained to tight spaces; it is so hard to be free. 

I am quite drawn to her skin, a blue magically color, looking like dying flesh in the moonlight. Her eyes I am still mastering, I have used a technique with the Linseed oil adding a thin layer and moving a paint around in flourishes, to make the feather like mask in black. I'm sure I will start over at some point, once time passes and it dries. Her eyes are some what rough at this point, but I love that I made her with two different irises, adding some color to her pale deathly look. I am unsure yet, as to whether she is going to have a bleeding neck, but we will see what spell I fall under.



Caathy♥ said...

Wonderful. :D

Cathy (:

Blood Milk said...

O i love it. I am too afraid of oils!

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