Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Skeleton Krew Soul Mates, Twins and Lovelies

One of my favorite finds when it comes to Victorian photographs, is the discovery of twins, marriages or soul mates as I like to call them. I've only come across a hand full, but purchased and been given some lovely unique portraits recently. I'm trying to find odd pairs for my upcoming show at the Toothless Cat gallery in January 2010. Below are some new portraits in my Skeleton Krew Collection, some have yet to be touched with the brush and one has been completed.

Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart: this portrait I found several months ago, I just fell in love with these little fellows. I often wonder what it is like to have a twin or even a twiner like from the Talisman, is there a mirror image of myself in another world or dimension?

Skeleton Krew no.0025 Master Gorey & His Wife Lenor: Meet Master Gorey and his wife Lenor, they are caught in the moment, all dolled up during their march in the Black Parade. This painting is 98% completed, just need to add a touch of red to the flowers in her blouse. 

Mischievous Marla (a gift from Bloodmilk): truly dark and mysterious, the portrait seems to be split in two, dividing the good and evil.

Siamese Sisters: very fascinating photograph that I purchased a while back, are they friends or sisters, I doubt they are truly siamese but I shall paint them as if they were from a Carney family. Look closely at their necklaces, they have matching rabbit's foot necklaces, fabulous.

All Girls (a gift from Bloodmilk), these young ladies are quite strange, I would assume soul mates or sisters. I find their hair and similar necklaces to be a riot; maybe they attend an all girl Catholic school.


Blood Milk said...

o i love the one with the rabbit's feet necklaces and conjoined heads!!!

The Hand Of Fatima Design said...

oh my god. conjoined heads!!
please keep me informed about your show @ the toothless cat!! i would love to come down and see both the show and jess+her gallery.

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