Friday, April 23, 2010

I HEART: Pick Your Poison

A little mystery, tragedy and curiosity are always a part of my inspiration. I dive into the worlds of love stories and drown in the worries and sorrows of others. I long for the sadden and romantic; truly idling the true emotions cast from some the characters; such fav Shakespeare souls as Venus, Juliet and Hamlet. The other night before watching The Reader, I told my husband I love tragic films, and he asked "Really Why?", and I said "because they make me feel alive!" As an ode to the lovesick, poisoned and fatefully doomed here are some new things I heart.

~ LOVE IS IN THE AIR by Zara Carpenter from Chatham Girl, I adore the emotion of this photo, let alone the beauty of this beret. This fair maiden is as if true love plays heavy on the heart.

~ A CENTURY APART, Victorian revamped tin type necklace by Opulent Oddities. A stunning adornment which reminds me of a lonely wife awaiting by the window peering into the distance of the ocean longing for the return of her lover.

~BLOOD AND BUTTERFLIES print, a play on seduction, temptation and Dia De Los Muertos. Lovely darkened art and prints by Nightshade Studios.

~ THE SLEEPING DEATH SESSIONS by Boopsie Daisy, a print from the Snow White inspired photo series 'The Sleeping Death Session'.

~ BLACK SPIKE Hair Stick from Starrlight Jewelry, darkened daggers of passion, I'm in love with the jet black and drama; reminds me of medieval armor.

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Opulent Oddities said...

Beautiful! Thanks for including me!

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