Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Crazy Husband

So not only was last Friday a Good Friday, it was a MARVELous Friday! Some of you may know, that my husband and I spent all day at Monster Tattoo with our tattoo artists Jimmy Mackey and Steve Wimmer. For months now, my husband Bruce has been wanting to get a tattoo based on this painting by Joe Capobianco. The painting features a sexy woman dressed with veil but her face is deathly. To make it more original, we all came up with the idea to use me as the model, but the ironic thing is that now I look like one of my Skeleton Krew paintings; pretty awesome weird!

Friday morning, after hitting up D&D, we came into the shop bright and early and I painted my face up like a stylized skeleton. During the process we, we took several pictures of which I hope to have soon, it was alot of fun, but hard not to laugh, cause my face paint would crack. We took alot of shots under a lamp and used the outside light for awesome blues. We wanted the lighting to be very dramatic and Steve is using Philly's own Paul Acker's Joker tattoo for brilliant color.  Later Steve took the favorite photo and enhanced the colors in photoshop and added some roses to balance out the front, he eventually is going to shade some cob webs out of the negative space in the background. In the afternoon Steve worked on Bruce, while I got worked on by Jimmy, this would be the third round for my Mary Magdalene piece after the painting by J.J. Henner

Here are some pics of our day, and the first process of Bruce's new tattoo. The tattoo is looking good so far and everyone says we are crazy, "Oh man that takes commitment, and your nuts!" I'm super excited and am truly honored, it is funny seeing my face on my hubby's chest. I will keep you all posted for the next round, probably won't be back in for a month or so and the tattoo will probably have another two rounds.


Patrick McNally said...

Bravo- It's beautiful!

Evil Lily said...

Awesome!! You look fabulous with your face paint, as well!

Together We Save said...

Wow. That is amazing.

Caryn said...

Lelia, Wow, this is really wild! The finished tatoo is gorgeous! What bravery to have all those needles stuck into one's body! Gives me the shivers!