Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Creep Show!

Only two days until my favorite time of the year, October that is, a spooky ghostly time when the autumn breezes, horror movies and I turn a year older on mischief night. The month is going to be filled with goodies for all and I cannot wait to share.

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~ New paintings from my Skeleton Krew Collection,
    see below for two sneak peeks.
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~ Eerie Eddie, an innocent specimen of the Halloween spirit. I'm still in the works of finishing him but I'm madly in love with the his baby fangs and bat wings. I'm going to add a little skull on his collar for more spooky flare.

~ Maria and Marla Conjoined Twins, a perfect pair of sadden faces, born as parapagus twins fused together at the torso. I'm loving how Maria's face is almost ghostly transparent, I'm curious to see how the sisters will turn out in the end.


S and O said...

sooooo creepy!!!! love the conjoined twins, can't take my eyes off of them!!

Olivia :)

Blood Milk said...

leila, you keep getting better & better at these! I can't wait to see your show!

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