Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anatomy of a Cryptid

Today I came across some fabulous anatomy drawings that peek into the world of cryptids (bigfoot, Yeti, Lock Ness Monster). This amazing work is by Walmor CorrĂ©a, he creates finely rendered anatomical creatures and also exhibits skeletal beings in his work. The detail of the organs and charts would suggest possibly a marine biologist. I truly love the mermaid, interesting how the upper body is almost exact to a human and there is a faint existence of vertebrae lining the inside of the tail which sits under unique female organs.

I'm also found of this drawing of a Capelobo, quite odd and pleasant, in my research of this fascinating creature I discovered this old Indian tale:

Wolf's cape is said to derive from an old Indian who leaves his village to live his last days alone in the forest. Instead of dying, however, he gradually transforms into a foul-smelling hairy ape armed with longs, canine fangs and a single eye protuding from his forehead. The terrestrial creature walks upright and leaves rounded footprints in the soil, similar to those left if one presses the bottom of a bottle into the ground.

You can view more of March Medical Madness drawings over at GEARFUSE!

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