Monday, March 1, 2010

March Medical Madness

It is that time again for the glorious look into anatomy, this March I'm celebrating the 4th annual March Medical Madness. Every day I am truly blown away by the tinkerings of the human body and mind. Three years ago over at the Red Heart Cult, I would share beautiful engravings and intriguing looks into health, medicine, deformities and curiosities all shared through an online gallery. If I could do my career all over again, I think I would go into the medical field, either a mortician or medical examiner.

During the month, I will share lovely artists, etsy finds, articles/exhibits and amazing artists such as one of my idols
Andreas Vesalius; all in celebration of the human body.

~ Mini-medical masterpieces by "Grace", courtesy of Pegritz's Random LJ Crush Object #334421.

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Blood Milk said...

i love the minatures! wonderful! i look forward to seeing what else you post this month!