Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BURIED TREASURE: Classic Beauty Ideas

What do you do when you have piles of jewelry / vintage supplies?
Well this past weekend I ventured back to my local hot spot for all that is vintage. You can read about my experience from my previous blog Buried Treasure at the Local Flea Market.

Saturday, I came home with bag filled with all kinds of vintage finds to make new jewelry, I ended up sorting through it all and decided to take some pics and sort it out to show you how to combine various vintage pieces together. Here is the first set I call Classic Beauty; I sorted and included vintage pearls, silver wrist watches, glass rose pendants and some loose beads. This particular assortment just reminds me so much of my grandmother Sarah Elizabeth, in her earlier peacock years, she wore lace pill hats, lovely white gloves and simple pearl strands.

C L A S S I C   B E A U T Y

I D E A S   T O   M A K E    S O M E T H I N G   N E W:
~ Combine different styles of pearls, try using various sizes and colors. I am very fond of the creams with pinks.

~ Combine thin metal chains swooped with a whole strand of pearls then add a simple pendant at the end to top it off.

~ Mix vintage flea market finds with your finds on etsy, like these brass pink frosted glass dangles from Gypsy Spirit Studio. These pink dangles would look perfect with the large pink pearls I picked up this weekend, they would make charming earrings.

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boylerpf said...

I love digging through the bags of jewelry at the flea markets! I never know when I might come across that special find. Kudos to you for using all the pieces!

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