Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healing ~ Warrior Hematite Earrings

I've always been fascinated by natural minerals of the earth, as a child I used to collect fossils and stone then displaying them shadow boxes with all my finds. I recently was wooed back into this realm, after a couple months of personal positive healing factors from one of my favorite calming stones, Hematite.  I've been wearing a carved key made of this mineral, I especially love to wear it during sleep for it brings on vivid dreams and also calms my soul during the day of stress of work.

New at Red Heart 13, are darkened Warrior Hematite earrings that provide solid ground as a calming and protective talisman. The ancient Egyptians used hematite as a calming stone, and in many cases of hysteria. As protection, Roman and Native American warriors used to rub iron oxide, the powered form of hematite, on their bodies as war paint before battle in belief that it would protect them. The word hematite is derived from the ancient Greek word for blood, some cultures believed the stone was actually formed from blood spilled on the earth during battlefield. Their is also evidence that hematite may have been used to make some of the very first mirrors. I find this piece of info very alluring because often mirrors are said to be a doorway to the supernatural world, I find this connection to be seducing to my curiosity with other dimensions and the afterlife.

These Warrior Hematite earrings feature a faceted hematite teardrop bead are matched with black matte chain and a diamond matte connector on french ear wires. The color of the earrings remind me of ancient armor used in war. Wearing these earrings as your healing companion, can help improve relationships and help increase good intuition. 

Soon to come for March Medical Madness:
Mystical properties: assist in balancing the root or chakra, helps communicate honestly, emotional and physical protection, helps boost self confidence, helps increase physical stamina and is used as a shield stone in removing negativity from the aura to help concentration.

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bonjour et pardon pour le texte en francais,je passe réguliérement sur votre blog et le trouve tres interessant ,bonne continuation et a bientot

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