Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PINK Please!!!

Spring is here and just like changing hair color for the seasons, pink has sneaked up on me. I go through phases in my creations, it is either the little dark things hiding in the shadows or the sweet sass of being a girlie girl. I can't get enough of pink in my life, my new studio is painted a pale pink and now pink is introducing itself in shop just in time for spring. My new inspirations are pink icing, pink lips, pink lace, pink heels, pink lingerie and pink bubblegum.

~ 1) Pen Pal Companion Writing Necklace: I fell in love with this pen and pencil set when I saw it at the local antique store, so cute and young. You can wear this necklace around the office or a great doodling tool for the park or cemeteries.

~ 2) Strawberry Acorn Earrings: lovely spring acorns or voluptuous boobies, they make me smile.

~ 3) Bubble-gum Swirl Earrings: these light weight earrings even caught the eye of my momma. I love the soft color of these hand blown beads and the teeny tiny white flowers and rhinestone.

~ 4) Woven Sweetness Necklace: a welcoming of spring and uniqueness of hand woven beads matched with a bundle of brass chains and vintage chandelier crystal.


Anonymous said...

pink is my absolute favorite color, too! i can't get enough of it, really. are you dyeing your hair pink? i've always wanted to do that, but never had the guts. ;)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I do love a little bit of sugary pink! Especially in all my cobblestone and chimneysoot colours, sometimes a little peek of candy brings an instant freshness.

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