Friday, February 27, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: When Nature Calls

Spring is almost here, so why not some awakening arrivals inspired by nature. Here are some new designs as of yesterday at Red Heart 13.

Don't forget today all earrings are 25% off!

N E W   A R R I V A L S:

~ 1) Mmmmm, yummy granny smith glass apple beads mixed with tiny leaves to make delicious Appletini earrings.

~ 2) An embroidered garden amongst the night awaits your entry! Adorn your neck with darling stitched flowers with this Midnight Garden necklace.

~ 3) This Golden Love necklace is perfect for any doll who dreams of prince charming, unicorns and cupcakes pilled fifty feet in the air.

~ 4) A fountain of passion dark roses are nestled inside a scalloped silver bead cap, a perfect combination I call Lotus Rose Darlings.

~ 5) In the magical forest of Never Neverland, it rains for a short while; the mist caresses all the floral drops and even kisses your face. This beautiful crystal necklace will sparkled your neck as if you were sprinkled with fairy dust.

~ 6) This Summer Garden Brooch is made of a yellow and green enamel shaped into a friendly daisy; it is a truly delightful expression for any lapel.

500 and Counting: Congrats to our Winner

Tuesday was a lovely day, I reached my 500th goal for my shop. The lovely Jennifer from the shop Sugared Song Bird was my 500th customer. She is receiving a lovely bracelet to match the Enchanted Fairy Forrest necklace that she purchased.

The Enchanted Fairy Forest necklace has a beautiful cluster of vintage green pearls and beads from a vintage clip on earring that is matched with an oval scalloped antique chandelier crystal piece on several brass chains strung with white pearls.

The matched bracelet has a beautiful matching green color using glass beads, vintage sparkled wood beads, brass chain and pearls topped with brass bead caps.

Congrats Jennifer I hope you love it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RESURRECTED: Roses and Bows

I'm falling for pink and bows lately; so girly and feminine. You will be seeing alot more where these came from.

~ These Rose Passion earrings have been resurrected and were just relisted. They hang softly made from vintage pale pink lucite rose beads matched with brass pink charms on a brass bow earwire. Get'em while you can.

Weight Watchers Update: Week 8

It is my eighth week on Weight Watchers, and I'm feeling good today because I had my weigh in last night on the Wii Fit and today I got measured after a whole month. The past month has definitely been much harder to loose weight, but the results have paid off.

To date, I've lost 9 lbs, that is -2 from last week. You say "Oh well that isn't much over a 2 month period". I agree, but I've lost inches too. I am afraid if I loose the weight at a faster pace then I will gain it back even faster. I don't really find that the diet tricks or quick fixes work, plus it isn't good for your body to just drop 15 pounds in like two weeks; it's just not healthy. I have a friend who just started the South Beach diet, the first week you cut out carbs, especially white flour, like rice, bread and pasta. Now she could of been exaggerating, but she said she lost 10 lbs in one week! I was like wow that is alot, doesn't seem healthy. I think going at a moderate pace of dieting and exercise is the right way.

For exercise, I am still continuing to do the Wii Fit but I finally made it back to the YMCA! I am a huge fan of the elliptical machine; gosh and I can't get enough of those 2 month old celebrity gossip magazines they have there too. I am looking forward to this weekend, because my parents are moving, so plenty of working muscles I look forward too.

T H E    S T A T S   T O   D A T E:
Right Upper Arm: -.5"
Waist: -3"
Hips: -1.5"
Right Thigh: -1.5"
Bust: -1.5"
TOTAL Inches Lost: 8"

For exercise, I am still continuing to do the Wii Fit but I finally made it back to the YMCA! I am a huge fan of the elliptical machine; gosh and I can't get enough of those 2 month old celebrity gossip magazines they have there too.

Originally my goal was to loose 20 pounds every two months; this would be ideal if I was on "The Biggest Loser" or could workout 24/7, and I would love that too but hey not enough time in the day. My body is going at a slower rate than expected, plus I may have slipped up and ate a couple cookies here at there. I have pushed to loose 20 pounds by end of March, I really have to work harder to reach my end goal weight of 165. 

H E A L T H   T I P S:
~ My new favorite sweet treat is Cherry Pomegranate 
Crystal Light On the Go packs for bottled water. These give boring bottled water a refreshing taste plus it suites your sweet tooth. 10 Calories, 0 WW points

~ I also just started eating South Beach diet Fiber Fit S'mores Bars. If you aren't a big fruit person these are great because they are 36% of your daily fiber intake. The cool thing about these fiber bars is that they have a fiber rating system that can slowly help you build your fiber intake. These bars are actually level 2-3, just watch out cause the more fiber, the more farts. 120 Calories, 2 WW points

~ When you need a little kick in the butt / motivation when your on your last 5 mins of the treadmill, I would suggest adding "Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky) by Bill Conti or Eye of the Tiger to your playlist, need I say more. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FREE GIFT to my 500th Customer!

Be my 500th customer and receive a free gift of appreciation!
Depending on what item is sold, the gift could reflect a matching little something;
possibly earrings, necklace or bracelet. 

Be the one to find out only at Red Heart 13

NEW ARRIVALS: Organic Meets Elegance

I love being inspired by my childhood playground, I spend many of my Sundays at my father's house in West Grove, PA. Most of the time, I sit in the kitchen in my grandmother's chair and make jewelry. Winters, it is bare up there and it smells of horse manure, so I always look forward to awaking spring. The first glimpse is when the little snow drops peek up from under the dead leaves; I cherish them because they remind me of my grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Once spring arrives, I truly get inspired, I walk around the several acres of land and smell roses, find rusty things, hear the goats across the way and catch bugs like bumble bees and beetles. I was really tickled this past Sunday, because I saw bright green moss growing on a tree outside of the house; it was quite brilliant the way the green set off on the brown bark. 

This Sunday was a little light on creating, because I spent several hours organizing my beads. I'd travel up to my pops with a travel box suitcase with wheels filled with 6 organizers and one shoulder bag filled with 5 more organizers plus three smaller ones. So the strap broke last week, gosh way to heavy, so I separated my beads and put some away for later. Now I just have the suitcase and two long organizers. So finally about 9:30 after supper, I was able to get to work. Hopefully this week I will get some time to myself.

N E W  A R R I V A L S
~ 1) Totally bubblicious and tied with a bow!
These silver plated Bubble-gum and Bow hoops are truly adorable,
perfect to feel young and fun while taking a stroll down 5th Ave.

~ 2) This Mermaid Shell Romance necklace can be worn on the ballroom dance floor
or at a beach side wedding. Made with a vintage metal shell pendant matched with gold pearls;
only a mermaid could wear such a beautiful adornment.

~ 3) In the heart of the Mississippi Swamp are bright green water lily pads kissed with the sun.
These earrings are modern simplicity matched with nature.

~ 4) Add a little vintage to your day with these Daisy Bouquet Cluster earrings;
made from cream and yellow enamel daisy balls that hang from a thin brass link.

Friday, February 20, 2009

RESURRECTED: Old, Sold and Revived!

It has been a slow week here at Red Heart 13, I've been busy though, digging up sold items and reviving some ancient items with new photography. I spent a couple hours yesterday reshooting and improving many pieces; working on nicer lighting with better cropping. I always find that it helps catch someone's eye or even a new heart. I seem to have way to many items listed, hopefully this will help.

S H O P   A N N O U N C E M E N T S:
~ 25% off all earrings today!
~ Last day for the Red Sale is Sunday, Feb 22nd. After Sunday all 12 items will be taken out of my shop.
~ 500th customer will receive a free gift.

Today, I revived and re-listed three pieces that were once in my sold items, but never received payment. Also I listed an elegant pearl necklace that is really special; it was originally created for bridesmaids intended for a fall wedding. However we all know how brides can be, changing this and that, so eventually she had chose another option, so now I present it to you.

 N E W   A R R I V A L S:

~ 1) At the bottom of the sea, in the resting place of drowned sailors,

~ 2) Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship;
in inspiration from her is this Lost Bracelet of Athena.

~ 3) These Crystal Rain earrings are one of my favorite designs
that present simple elegance.

~ 4) RED SALE item: This Copper Bow in Blue necklace is sure to add
some whimsy and a little bit of girliness to any outfit.

~ 5) Warm and creamy! This Reese's Pieces Delight pearl necklace 
has warm elegance matched with a bit of sweetness;
it is created from thin 14k gold chain, bronze pearls,
copper freshwater potato pearls and Swarvoski crystals.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Addicted to Etsy

Vintage pale pink resin beads and Silver and Black speckled glass beads from Diba Beads.

Gosh Tuesday, boy did I splurge! Sometimes it is hard to resist, so I heart certain items and save them for later (when I have money in my paypal). Here are some new purchases from none other than During my search for supplies, I found some great vintage cream speckled beads that look like bird eggs from Blue Storm, beautiful vintage red enamel Maltese cross ring from Cluttered Mind. The beautiful vintage strands featured above just caught my eye, you can't find these colors now and days.

Vintage black leather suede pixie pirate boots, with cut out pattern from Buttons 'N Such.

Speaking of vintage I found these rad Pixie Pirate black suede boots, I've been searching for months to find a cool pair, I looked on all kinds of websites like BC Footwear, DSW and Ebay; but too expensive. I got these girly rockin boots for $37.00 with shipping included. What a steal!

Vintage brass engraved pocket mirror from Capricious Traveler.
Vintage roses embroidered trim from Callooh Callay.

I have a thing for vintage mirrors and lipstick holders; they def don't make them like they used. I found this unique vintage pocket mirror that swivels. I plan on making a necklace out of it and want to do some glass etching on the mirror. I also was astonished when I came across this vintage rose embroidered ribbon; might use it as a necklace or possibly on an assemblage.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Four New Arrivals!

Here are the four new arrivals that I promised yesterday;
two precious pairs of earrings and two whimsical necklaces.

~ 1) These Soft pink Passion Rose Twilight earrings are so darling
and have that special something that all girls love.

~ 2) This brass mesh Bella Rose looks as if it was picked right out of a fairy tale.

~ 3) This religious embellished necklace holds an Immaculate Wonder
of the Virgin Mary matched with white enamel rhinestone flowers.

~ 4) Hula, hula! These vintage beaded earrings remind me
of a beautiful Hula Girl from Hawaii, I can see her shaking her hips
and can smell the wonderful fragrances of pink orchids.

~ Don't forget today is Red Wednesday at Red Heart 13! ~
If you buy 1 piece of jewelry, you can get 50% off a 2nd item.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS from the Heart

Red Heart 13 was busy yesterday and last night getting all 12 new arrivals photographed and listed for you today! Below are eight new pieces, stop back tomorrow to see four more.

F O R   Y O U R   E A R S:

~ 1) Who can't resist white chocolate; any girls best friend! These White Raspberry Peeps remind me of yummy white chocolate eggs with a sweet fruity inside.

~2) These vintage vamped Enchanted Peacock earrings remind me of the beautiful colors you see amongst prideful peacocks.

~ 3) A romantic thought down memory lane; a first kiss or a secret romance from your Hearts Desire.

~ 4) A Fallen Empire of darkness! A queen killed in her fortress of medieval hearts and black spades of madness.

F O R   Y O U R   N E C K:

~ 5) This soft pink Rose Passion Twilight was picked right out of the garden of eden. A vintage matte lucite rose bead is matched with pink faux pearls, a vintage floral bead cap and a silver filigree bead.

~ 6) Life fast, die young! This Lifetime of Secrets nostalgic necklace is a reminder of a life passing us by; created from a vintage Timex wrist watch and an antique skeleton key.

~ 7) Be Pretty Tied Up with this vintage pewter bow and rose pendant on two swooping silver plated chains. There is a beautiful engraving of a rose on the front, and reads "Rose" "June" on the back.

~ 8) This Bringer of Death necklace is a preview of my new collection Black 13. A flat black human skull pendant is matched with jet black glass rose beads and a silver rhinestone bead on a silver chain.

***Don't forget, be my 500th customer and receive a special gift from me in celebration of 500 sales. ***

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Adornments and Endearments

Swwwwhhh, last week was crazy but turned out to have a lovely weekend though. Spent all day Saturday with my hubby, had an afternoon delight and we went out to dinner at Potstickers and later watched Who is Harry Crumb? and One Crazy Summer. Good times.

After a lazy Saturday, I traveled up to PA for the day to visit my dad. After some time taking down the Christmas tree, I spent the rest of the day creating new pieces for the shop. I am truly excited for this week, this afternoon I will be photographing all 12 new arrivals; hopefully to then list most of them tonight while I watch Intervention and Paranormal State

Other great news is that I am five away from my 500th sale! Whoot Whoot. To celebrate I am giving away a special jewelry creation to my 500th customer. Could be earrings or bracelet! So stay tuned at Red Heart 13 for details.

N E W  A R R I V A L S   C O M I N G   S O O N:

6 Necklaces:
~ A Lifetime of Secrets: featuring skeleton key and vintage watch
~ Pretty Tied Up 3: featuring pewter bow with rose engraving
~ Bella Rose
~ Immaculate Wonder
~ Rose Passion Twilight
~ Bringer of Death

6 Pairs of Earrings:
~ Hula Girl
~ White Raspberry Peeps
~ Fallen Empire
~ Rose Passion Twilight
~ Enchanted Peacock
~ Hearts Desire

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Sweet Treats

N E W  A R R I V A L S: Sugar Plum Tree

~ 1) Feel the breeze and be reminded of the warm waters
of the Caribbean with these 14 Ocean Wooden Mint Drops.

These vintage grape glass beads will sure quench your thirst.

only grow in the sweetest fields in lower Delaware.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday the 13th Sale

Stop by Red Heart 13 tomorrow for our first Friday the 13th sale.
Everything in the shop will be 25% off, that includes jewelry, relics and paintings. 
So if you have been eyeing something for a while now is your time to snag it.

~ Our next sale will be March, the 13th. Details to come. ~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS from the Heart.

This week has been off to a great start! I have 9 new arrivals in shop that I wanted to share with you all. Also don't forget that today is RED Wednesday: if you buy one piece of jewelry, you get the 2nd half off. There is also the RED Sale going on too, over 13 items have been reduced and are soon to be taken out of the shop.

N E W  A R R I V A L S:

~ 1) Bzzzz, buzzzz Yellow Jackets flying amongst flowers and butterfly bushes.
These darling earrings are sure to give you a little sting of happiness.

~ 2) Made from a vintage lucite brooch,
this lovely patch of Pale Daffodils will surely brighten your day.

~ 3) Tommy and Susie were high school sweet hearts;
all was peas and carrots
until Tommy was caught kissing Mary Jane Behind the Bleachers!
This nostalgic charm necklace holds sweet or sour memories
of the high school wonder years.

~ 4) These Victorian Gray earrings are a blast from the past; literally,
this design has returned to my shop for the second time.
Based on a modern girl living in a Victorian past;
they have a twist of present simplicity and detailed flourished of mourning colors.

~ 5) She die every day she lived.
A sad song of a woman who lost her husband to war.
This lovely gun metal Victorian inspired choker relic is To Die For.

~ 6) Here is a treat compliments of our RED Sale.
This vintage Rhinestone Cross necklace is made from divine crystals
and is matched with a flourished rhinestone encrusted sterling silver cross.

~ 7) Bad news this Light My Fire necklace has been sold,
however I have not received payment yet,
so there is a chance it might return to the shop.
Set the night on fire with this vintage miniature rhinestone cigarette lighter.
Whether your a fan of cigs or just love nostalgic novelty items,
this necklace holds the purity of the 1930s.

~ 8) These precious babies have been sold as well, but again no payment,
so these could come back to the shop as well.
At the bottom of the sea in the resting place of drowned sailors,

Monday, February 9, 2009

"To Die For" and New Arrivals

Amongst all the things going on around my house this past weekend, I only got a couple hours to create yesterday. However I have two new arrivals that I listed tonight and one special relic in the works for tomorrow's listing. My plan tonight is to work on some new designs while I watch Intervention and Paranormal State.

N E W  A R R I V A L S:

~ 1) These soft pink Passion Roses are due for their picking.
~ 2) I'd Fight For You in the passion of battle, if only I could kiss you eternal.
~ 3) Coming tomorrow, To Die For, a choker made from a vintage silver setting
with engraved paper, pearls and turquoise beads;
it reads "She die every day she lived."

I got my huurrr did!

Just thought I'd share my new hair cut, well a week old.
I finally got around to taking a picture over the weekend.
My inspiration Mia Wallace or Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction!
Gosh I love her hair.

Red SALE!!!

It is that time of year again, well the first Red SALE of the year! I have just reduced over 10 items at Red Heart 13. Plus this Friday, the 13th, it's your chance to get 25% off all items, that even includes paintings and relics.

Here is just a sample of some items that are on sale now!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Sweet Vintage Delights

Nothing compares to vintage, I tend to use alot of vintage beads and pendants at Red Heart 13. I love going to flea markets, my favorite is when I find a whole necklace stranded with remarkable colors, bead caps, lucite or glass beads. I finally took some time last weekend to match together some beads I had lying around my office. Here are some new vintage listings from Sugar Plum Tree.

N E W   A R R I V A L S:

~ 1) These Valentine's Sweet Drops will remind you of what being a girl is all about.

~ 2) Who can't resist dark chocolate? This batch of 10 vintage black lucite beads are just the thing to add sass to any creation.

~ 3) Crunchy and delicious; these 4 Malt Shake beads are just the thing for that sweet tooth.

~ 4) These 9 Peppermint Swirl vintage pearlized lucite beads remind me of minty candy canes.

In Love With Dorian Gray

Often times I get inspired by novels, paintings, poetic fairy tales and classic films. One of my favorite characters in literature and film is Dorian Gray. The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde, is one of the last works considered gothic horror fiction and has a Faustian and an underlying homoerotic theme.

Dorian Gray is a young handsome man, who becomes the subject of a painting by artist Basil Hallward. Basil is dazzled by Dorian's physical beauty and becomes obsessed with him; he believes that Dorian's beauty is the reasoning for his approach in his work, therefore creates a magnificent portrait of him.  The painting was so perfect that it makes Dorian wish he was immortal and inevitably stop the aging process. His wish was fulfilled, soon after the painting becomes more grotesque day after day instead of Dorian himself. The portrait serves as a memento of Dorian's fate and his narcissistic ways, and with each sin he lives the painting displays a form of disfigurement. 

This character truly fascinates me, these black and gray earrings were inspired from The Picture of Dorian Gray. Being infatuated with Dorian (amongst many), these earrings hold the physical beauty that Dorian always searched for. Last year I had created these designs, unfortunately I ran out of these lovely beads…but finally I have more in stock. 

Keep your eye out next week for these earrings or similar pieces.
Please email me if you would like to reserve a pair!

LEFT: The In Love With Dorian Gray design has engraved crystals infused with a jet black floral pattern that are matched with black rhinestone spacers and a clear gray glass bead on a gun metal chain.

RIGHT: The Victorian Gray pair are based on a modern girl living in a Victorian past; they have a twist of present simplicity and detailed flourishes of mourning colors. They are made from large lucite drops that are matched with a gray matte bead and a vintage crystal. 

~ The Picture of Dorian Gray. Wikipedia. February 2009. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

J. L. Schnabel: Featured Artist of the Month, Part I

February is a special month for the Red Heart Cult. Being a time of love and a celebration of Saint Valentine's execution, I am also cherishing one of my new favorite artists J. L. Schnabel; who all happens to be our featured artist of the month.

I met Jess through etsy, one day she wrote me, expressing how she adored my Death of Cleopatra painting ( and I loved her work too), after that I created a banner for her blog and soon for her shop Blood Milk, a place of haunted talismans for supernaturalist darlings. Her jewelry is handmade with love and blood in the haunted city of Philadelphia; that is the truth too. She lives with her husband and roomie, in a creepy brick townhouse that was built in the 1800s. I've been there and there is definitely something paranormal there. Even our collaboration painting Emily, was found on the floor feet away from where it was knocked off a shelf. Unfortunately, Jess and her husband might be moving to New York in the near future; hopefully she will find the history on her own haunted house.

Not only do her talismans speak volumes, so does her painted ladies of magic and doom. Her femme fatales are just to die for, each one madly inspired by mythology, the unknown, tragedy, magic and everlasting romance. Last year she was a success at the Mew gallery, and will be tomorrow night, at Topstitch boutique and gallery in Philadelphia, where she will be revealing her new anxious paintings from her "Hysteria" collection. I can't wait to go tomorrow night, time is going to go by so slow until then. I am looking forward to seeing her eerie yet bright magical paintings, plus can't wait to see Emily all finished and then rock out in Philly the rest of the night for my girl Nicole's b-day. 

Please come out tomorrow night to support Jess and even snatch some up some lovelies from Blood Milk or prints from Baby Fangs.

is located at 311 Market Street on the 2nd Floor. The show opens February 6th from 6~9pm, and remains opens through February 2009.
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