Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Things have been on the up-iddy lately and I'm really liking the results. About once a year I like to take a look at my shop overall, what can I do better and how can I improve it? For starters I have been really focusing on friendly customer service as a whole and it has been really great to see it through positive feedback and thanking my customers personally.

This past weekend I did revamp of my shop with photos and soon a spooky banner. I spent several hours Saturday and Sunday re-shooting outside and freshened it up by using a found wooden frame and a candelabra to display necklaces and earrings. I often find that revamping gives people a new look at pieces, whether be brightening colors or more detailed angles. Check out some ancient pieces I've given a new life!

~ Empire Satin Earrings: a beautiful dance between pale pink and abstract rain drops.

~ Field of Blue Skies Vintage Beaded Necklace: baby blue plastic beads matched with gold wire and a swooping chain.

~ Electric Jellyfish Earrings: a savage bold red electric jellyfish is harsh to the sting but striking to the eyes, made of lucite beads and brushed silver chain.

~ Rosary Glass Bracelet: have a little faith with these vintage glass rosary beads matched with an antiqued silver crucifix. 

~ Mossy Forrest Darlings: woodland earrings look as if they been made from nature, vintage wood textured beads are matched with moss green and brass. 

~ Royal Jellyfish Necklace: wiggly chains in gold are matched with bold colors that look as if a jellyfish floats in the sea.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Creep Show!

Only two days until my favorite time of the year, October that is, a spooky ghostly time when the autumn breezes, horror movies and I turn a year older on mischief night. The month is going to be filled with goodies for all and I cannot wait to share.

~ Starting Oct 1st enjoy FREE SHIPPING Worldwide
~ New paintings from my Skeleton Krew Collection,
    see below for two sneak peeks.
~ Enter to win the Mischief Night Giveaway (only 2 days left to VOTE)

~ Eerie Eddie, an innocent specimen of the Halloween spirit. I'm still in the works of finishing him but I'm madly in love with the his baby fangs and bat wings. I'm going to add a little skull on his collar for more spooky flare.

~ Maria and Marla Conjoined Twins, a perfect pair of sadden faces, born as parapagus twins fused together at the torso. I'm loving how Maria's face is almost ghostly transparent, I'm curious to see how the sisters will turn out in the end.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

True Blood Season 2: I Think I'm In Love

My husband and I were out of the loop when season 2 of True Blood was on air, that is why we love our DVR! We just got done episode 7 and 8 last night, OMG, so amazing, juicy and unexpected. I can't get over Eric's story of creation and I am in love with Godric, so mysterious and nothing like I expected from when he first turned Eric. Godric haunts me, but in a good way. 

I slowly feel myself being drawn to Eric, he is so naughty, ever since his new haircut I've been eying him up, I especially love his attitude, his black leather jacket and am in awe of his dedication towards his maker. I know he has something up his sleeve for Sookie. And Mary Ann and her clan o' cult is quite horrifying and watching Tara and Eggs eating that heart was truly a wtf moment. I really wish I could play hooky and stay home and finish up the season. I know I will have withdraws until season 3, at least I have Dexter starting Sunday.

Relic of the White Rabbit

Ever since I was a child, I've always admired the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, such clumsy fellow behaving like a true gentleman. My love for the animal started when I was about eight years old, when I picked out my first pet bunny named Peter, very original name I must say. When I lived in my apartment in Queens, I couldn't pass up two sibling bunnies I found at the local pet shop, and after about 6 months my collection grew. At one point I had three running around eating my wires and shitting, my roommates weren't thrilled of course. I eventually gave them away to a good home and later bought a baby white floppy eared rabbit, I named Thumperette. She currently lives up at my pop's house in PA, she is so fat and cute, I love it!

Inspired by my childhood stories and favorite tales, I've created a curiosity to adorn your neck, a small token of steampunk, fairy tales and the white rabbit himself. The Relic of the White Rabbit Necklace is an ode to my love for these creatures, and features spun white rabbit hair inside of a vintage glass perfume vial. Lace and pearls top off this lovely relic and it is adorned with an aged clock hand, to be reminded of the ticking hand of death's arrival.


Monday, September 21, 2009


October is my favorite month of the year, filled with ghosts, ghouls and giveaways! To celebrate the month I will be offering free shipping throughout the month and to celebrate my birthday of October 30th, I will be having a Mischief Night Giveaway! To start things off, I'm holding a voting poll for the remaining month of September, so please vote for your favorite giveaway, stay tuned for more details to come later in the month.

Here are your options:
~ $20 gift certificate to Red Heart 13
~ Small original painting from my Skeleton Krew Collection (view the collection)
~ Custom necklace or pair of earrings
~ Small original painting from my Sweet Heart Collection (view the collection)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Haunted Stanley Hotel

I have always longed to stay in room 217 of the haunted Stanley Hotel, best known as an inspiration for the "Overlook Hotel" in Stephen King's novel The Shining. The 138-room Georgian hotel in Estes Park, Colorado was built by Freelan O. Stanley of the Stanley Steamer. The Stanley has hosted many guests over the years but still holds several permanent guests, the supernatural kind that is!

Many believe this famous hotel is haunted, having reports of a number of cases. Freelan Stanley has been spotted in the lobby and his favorite room, the Billiard Room. Sounds of discordant grand piano notes can be heard from the Music Room, said to be played by Stanley's wife, Flora. Guests also have reported seeing a man standing over their beds then disappearing in the cupboard, how about waking up to that? There has been claimed that an apparition is responsible for stealing jewelry, watches and luggage that have gone missing. And children can be heard during the night and some have claimed to have seen a red ball moving up and down the hallway, like it was being passed between two curious children playing. Room 418 features odd noises and impressions on the bed when no one was in the room, that would terrify me, but a part of me has always wished to see a true form, much like the ghoul shadow people from Ghost.

On the second floor, Stephen King supposedly even witnessed an apparition of a young child calling out to his nanny. Many guests request room 217, in which King stayed in. Some of the more interesting sections of the hotel are stairs to the bell tower, in which voices are heard yet no one is allowed up there. Also be sure to check out the underground tunnels beneath the hotel, where tree trunks rise out of the cement foundation, and where an apparition of a little girl can repeatedly be heard playing.

Believing in the paranormal and the unseen, I often get inspired by true hauntings or dark tales such as Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark illustrated by the fabulous Stephen Gammell. Combing found objects often leads to a story in itself and hoarding single pieces eventually find companions.

A new arrival this week is named after the Haunted Stanley Hotel, the necklace features brass chain met with three mysterious pieces. A flat round metal piece possibly from an industrial pipe features an engraved Fluor 920, almost reminds me of a number plate on a hotel room door. An antique skeleton key hangs from knotted chain, this key is actually a twin of two, said to be two identical security guard keys, I purchased from this old spanish man at the local flea market. Hanging from the clasp features a small relic from the Fairmount Ave flea market that surrounds the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary, a dark shielded relic for such a dark place of penitence.

These things are interesting phenomenon, one could never know without a true personal experience. Do you believe in the paranormal or have ever had a haunting experience? We'd love to hear your story!


Friday, September 18, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Cash rules everything around me, and when times are tough I rarely get the extra funds to buy something special for myself. But a girl can dream can't she! Today I thought I'd share some of my new favorite things, and also some of my new favorite sounds and renewed humor I currently heart.

~ Handmade Masquerade Mask from Effigy, and magical and mysterious shop filled with imaginative masks for all occasions. I really love this particular mask because of the crackle porcelain finish and the primitive innocence of antique dolls. 

~ Zipper, Development of. Cuff from Fanciful Devices, a steampunk zipper wrist cuff bracelet, that is super cool made with found objects and a perfect blend of warm aged colors from the industrial era.

~ You Were My Ship Scalloped Wall Plaque from Fables and Foxes, I find this illustration on the wood to be so lovely and the chest of the child is truly heartfelt and illustrative. I enjoy the wispy lines perturbing from what looks like the child's chest.

~ The Bear Necessities Earrings from Age Before Beauty, oh my, these truly reflect my childhood matched with vintage elegance. The earrings feature carved bone beads, mother of pearl beads and darling bears walking to their cave perhaps.

~ Depeche Mode: Sounds of the Universe, I am really enjoying their new album especially the song 'Corrupt' from True Blood, be sure to check out the music video, the dark electronic sounds blend well with cruel images of blood and love.

~ Always Sunny In Philadelphia, tune in Thursday nights at 10pm on FX. One of the best shows ever, I'm so glad to see this show and Dexter starting back up, I've been waiting so long; was going through withdraws for a while there. The fifth season is filled with crudeness, controversy and is downright hilarious. Who doesn't love the green man?!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Chandelier Craze

My adventure in treasure hunting at the Fairmount Ave flea market went well this past Sunday, though I was under a time crunch I wasn't able to visit the haunted Eastern Penitentiary, but I did come away with some wonderful buried treasure. It was a lovely time and my companion was my good friend from high school, our outing was long over due. 

We both came away with some Victorian photographs and she coveted some vintage ephemera including paper Valentine cards and a rare autograph journal from a grade school student. I also found some lovely pendants, though the popular find of the day were glass chandelier crystals. I came away with an array of colors including, clear, pearlized, emerald and amber. Below are some lovely new arrivals that included my chandelier craze.

~ 1) Emerald Rock City Earrings: sleek and textured are mixed together to present truly a badass statement with amazing emerald color.

~ 2) Sleepy Hollow Chandelier Earrings: these delicious nostalgic darlings remind me of writing love letters by candle light. They are perfect for autumn and match an orange glow with darkness.

~ 3) Stitches and Sweetness Earrings: handmade stitched roses are matched with sparkling clear chandelier drops ready for a romantic affair.

~ 4) Crystal Trellis Necklace: vintage elegance matched with a fairy tale embellishment, a strand of clear crystals range from small to large and cascade down across your heart.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skeleton Krew Collection: Livin' Large

Over the past two years I've been building my Skeleton Krew Collection, with my obsession with Victorian photography I've found that it is rare find when I come across large portraits. With the art show coming in January I am working towards showing all various sizes of paintings, everything from 2 inches to 2 feet. These rare finds are just immaculate, you really get a sense of a mood and I love when they come framed in gesso. Below are some newer and older portraits from my collection that have yet to be painted.

~ I purchased this dark portrait about two months ago, from the Main Street Antique store in Newark, DE. I really love her outfit, she kinda reminds me of a dark gypsy, I'm thinking of painting half her face as a skeleton. Aprox: 1.5' x 2'.

~ I really love this fellow too, have had this portrait for about a year, just fell in love the frame in metal and gold painted gesso frame. I found this portrait to be unusual because of the side profile, I actually found this amazing skull engraving in which I will use as a reference to paint his face. There are even cob webs forming on the inside the glass from age, spooky. Aprox: 2' x 2.5'.

~ This beautiful portrait has amazing pale yellows and blues and dark features. Me having pale blue eyes, I always covet brown eyes matched with dark hair. The frame is black with hints of pink with bat like molding on the edges. Isn't she divine, looks as if heaven is behind her? Aprox: 1.5' x 2'.

~ I must tell you, I found this darling haunting young boy this past weekend at this estate sale, I was coming back from the grocery store and actually made a quick U-turn to go back to the antique store. I always find that these old portraits call me, I'm drawn to them some how by fate. When I saw this child I immediately ran to it and grabbed it off the wall, thinking someone might get there before me. Rarely do I find portraits that I am afraid to touch or take out of the frame. The child looks from the early 1900s and is just beautiful and haunting with his striking pale blue eyes. I dare not paint this boy, for who knows if his soul will be released from the dead, plus he is just too gorgeous to disturb. Aprox: 1' x 1.5'.

House Hunting Adventures: Part 3

What a nightmare! Oh pooy, so here is the latest on our search for our first home. Remember the house we loved, well we put an offer on the house back on September 4th, we went in low but were hoping they would counter, so we wait in excitement over the Labor Day weekend through the following week. Apparently their realtor doesn't work on the weekends, wtf, I thought real estate never sleeps. So Friday, the 11th came, we finally heard back a week later, that there was a counter offer, but didn't know the number. At this point, it had already taken too long and had talked to our realtor who had talked to theirs. We found out there were two owners of the house, so they were waiting for both of their decisions I guess, these people are crazy! We made a decision if we didn't hear back by the 16th, we were going to with draw our offer. So come yesterday, I got a horrible call from my realtor that the family is taking the house OFF the MARKET! 

Can you believe the nerve of these people?!!!! I don't understand why people can be so inconsiderate of other people's time. We wasted a whole week and a half on this house, when we could of been looking at other houses, houses go fast in the market now and days, and since we need to close by November 31st to get the tax stimulus money, we are on a very tight schedule. JERKS!

Tomorrow night, we are going to go look at houses again, back to the drawing board! ugh…

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Decadence and Decay

I don't know about you, but sometimes shorter weeks tend to me much longer, and with not much time comes lack of creativity outside of my day job. Fortunately last weekend I was extremely motivated and really enjoyed my long weekend, many new odd and beautiful jewelry pieces arrived at Red Heart 13, including two new Skeleton Krew paintings. 

I am really looking forward to this weekend however, if only it came faster, especially Saturday morning, when I attend the Fairmont Avenue flea market that surrounds the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly. Back in May I had attended for the first time and found so much buried treasure, I truly am looking forward to the early morning hours rummaging through people's old junk. I shall be sure to bring a large bag for my finds and cannot wait to share pics with you all.

1) Blood and Luck Necklace: a superstitious necklace to adorn your heart and adds mystery to any outfit especially for Halloween.

2) Drop Dead Royalty Necklace: truly exquisite and made for a true queen; this necklace is sure to make a statement and start many conversations.

3) Hands of Time Chandelier Necklace: as time goes by, keep a special token of the past frozen around your neck.

4) Poison Enamel Earrings: blood red and black enamel make these darling truly ready for any dark dance on the town.

5) Heart of Gold Earrings: golden earrings perfect to add just a little bit of girliness and pure elegance to your soul.

6) Weight of the World Talisman: a vintage pulley and religious medal serves as a talisman of protection and a force of stability when times are tough.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Skeleton Krew Soul Mates, Twins and Lovelies

One of my favorite finds when it comes to Victorian photographs, is the discovery of twins, marriages or soul mates as I like to call them. I've only come across a hand full, but purchased and been given some lovely unique portraits recently. I'm trying to find odd pairs for my upcoming show at the Toothless Cat gallery in January 2010. Below are some new portraits in my Skeleton Krew Collection, some have yet to be touched with the brush and one has been completed.

Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart: this portrait I found several months ago, I just fell in love with these little fellows. I often wonder what it is like to have a twin or even a twiner like from the Talisman, is there a mirror image of myself in another world or dimension?

Skeleton Krew no.0025 Master Gorey & His Wife Lenor: Meet Master Gorey and his wife Lenor, they are caught in the moment, all dolled up during their march in the Black Parade. This painting is 98% completed, just need to add a touch of red to the flowers in her blouse. 

Mischievous Marla (a gift from Bloodmilk): truly dark and mysterious, the portrait seems to be split in two, dividing the good and evil.

Siamese Sisters: very fascinating photograph that I purchased a while back, are they friends or sisters, I doubt they are truly siamese but I shall paint them as if they were from a Carney family. Look closely at their necklaces, they have matching rabbit's foot necklaces, fabulous.

All Girls (a gift from Bloodmilk), these young ladies are quite strange, I would assume soul mates or sisters. I find their hair and similar necklaces to be a riot; maybe they attend an all girl Catholic school.

Skeleton Krew no.0027 Blackened

During my travels, I come across many old photographs, I usually try and covet the most unique and odd into my Skeleton Krew Collection. Featured here is a sneak peek of the painting Blackened; the innocent face is fairly young and  reminds me of Victorian mourning photos of the recent departed. 

During the Victorian era it was not uncommon for the family to touch the corpse or hold lost children in the arms of the mother's one last time, evening dine in the same room as the corpse. This photo reminds me of a child's innocence lost once being introduced to death for the first time, whether be a younger brother or grandmother. 

The deceased portraits were commonly represented as though they were sleeping rather than dead, though this photo is rather a twist on the concept. The viewer of this portrait can be thought of as the departed looking into the eyes of the mourning. I often think of my paintings as a modern personal momento mori, reminding me that death is only a flicker away.

The painting is still in the beginning rough stages. The child features a plaid dress which is going to be turned black to match her black gloves. Her piercing eyes peek out from the black mask which is wrapped in black lace that surround her curls. I often find the more petite faces are much more difficult to capture detail, so this lovely child will take many more sittings, but I thought I'd share the process.

Skeleton Krew no.0026 Harvest Witch

Here are the lovely images of my newest painting from my Skeleton Krew collection, Harvest Witch. I can imagine this woodland woman roaming the barren woods looking for herbs and poisons. The original photograph was given to me by the lovely Jess from Bloodmilk, and I thought I'd share the odd woman behind the paint. I love watching the face change as strokes are applied and darkness is added. She now looks much older and more organic, featuring a white streak and twigs growing from her hair. I have much more to do, including detailing on the face, hair and a little bone cameo hanging on her neck. Hopefully I will keep in this direction, and continue painting away.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Harvest Witch, Sneak Peek

Today I have been very productive, this morning I took a trip up to Kennett Square for a couple of hours while I visited my pop's dear friend Muffy. She rummaged through my jewelry and bought two necklaces and two pairs of earrings as gifts and one for herself. I sat and drank coffee with her and we discussed such topics as the filthy autobiography of Hilary Clinton and the Delaware riots of the 1960s. She also showed me all her wonderful art pieces, including an oil painting of Lake Como, Italy. It was a lovely time, I must say.

After I got home I rested for a while and ever since, I've been painting current and new paintings from my Skeleton Krew Collection. I've finished Master Gorey and Wife Lenor, shall have pictures of the fine couple next week. Featured below, is a 2nd painting I've have started, in which I call Harvest Witch. This lovely portrait along with many other gifts, was given to me by my lovely friend Jess from Bloodmilk. She features big black hair, tree twigs, and feathered eyes. An odd long face, she reminds me of Cruella Deville and her body is currently all jet black, but I am going to give her a little bone cameo right at her collar. I've also started a 3rd painting of a little girl in a plaid dress. She features mourning lace around her hair and tiny black gloves. Below is a quick shot of Harvest Witch taken with my computer, stay tuned for more pictures this week.

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