Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movie Night!

Thursday night is movie night at the Marvel household, Friday Bruce and I have off so we are planning to stay up late, eat ice cream and watch horror movies. Us being horror fans we thought we stick to some classic films along with some foreign suspense / horror films we've never seen.

Here are some movies that are on the list as well as movies I'm trying to get my hands on:
Cape Fear (1991) I've never seen this, can you believe it
Cabin Fever (2002) Not that great but disgusting, plus I got it for $5
Audition (1999)
The Others (2001) I've never seen this either

I would love to hear other movie suggestions, please leave a comment below!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bat Sunday!

Put on your Sunday's best and prowl the streets in the black parade. This little darling is all dolled up in a black peacoat with ruffled bow, a top hat with walking stick and who cannot forget to go out in full fangs. She is my latest painting from my Skeleton Krew Collection. I will be putting it at The Toothless Cat gallery at The Piazza at Schmidts in Philly sometime soon, however it may be offered in my shop at a later date. Stay tuned for more new paintings in the works, I'm building up some new pieces possibly for a show closer to Halloween.

Comes in a black wooden frame with glass. I just love her ruffles under her dress and her little shoes are just so innocent.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Crazy Husband Part 2: Finished Tattoo

A few months back my husband Bruce got a portrait of me started, after modeling and even a small photoshoot we came up with a design based on a couple of paintings by Joe Capobianco. He sat through hours of pain, but seeing his face when it was complete was timeless. Yesterday Bruce went in for the final sitting from 1:30~7:30 pm at Monster Tattoo. The marvelous thing about Bruce is that he doesn't look at the tattoo while it is getting working on, he wants to embrase that perfect moment in front of the mirror. It finally came time and he was just astonished, he jumped up and yelled and picked up Steve our tattoo artist. The work that he did was like nothing I've ever seen, he even captured my eyes perfectly and the color is just stunning; it is so bright and radiant in real life, this image doesn't do it justice. All I can say is that it is such an honor that someone I care about so deeply feels the same and has inked a part of me into his skin…TRUE ROMANCE, TRUE LOVE, FOREVER.


Friday, June 26, 2009


Last night I had the honor of watching Predator with my husband Bruce, it was my first time and I was very satisfied with this film, I was cheering and yelling at my tv; now of course it is some what cheesy with the Arnold's one liners but they make the movie so much better. For coming out in the 80s I think it still ranks pretty badass!

Being over the top, this film is an action, suspense and violent extravaganza of muscles, an extra-terrestrial warrior, commandos with guns and cool thermal effects. I was really impressed with the score for the film, composed by Alan Silvestri whose other credits include Back to the Future and the unforgettable Who Framed Roger Rabbit. You get a sense of chills and fear from the lurks in the forrest and crazed soldiers gone mad; a classic symphony for any thriller.

The one liners are fantastic, including these "If it bleeds, we can kill it" or "Stick Around"! One of my favorite scenes is helicopter ride in the beginning, just classic bathroom talk from macho men. These badass commandos are killed off one by one, totally brutal and righteous. There are some heated arguments along the way as well as a montage of hard bodied men working together to set traps for the Predator. I must of counted over 35 shots of just pure rock hard muscles, got to love it; it wouldn't be an Arnold movie if there wasn't! And who cannot forget pure macho fights and battles featuring spears, rocks, fists, blood and mud! Hell yeah! 

Before I watched this film I didn't know too much about the predator, I am still very intrigued and want to know more about their kind, I want to see the 2nd with Danny Glover, but my husband says it crap. I love the Predators gear, including a futuristic medical kit and also his trophies of skulls that he keeps from all his kills. I was extremely disturbed when he took off his mask and love how it could learn and imitate people's voices including the mad insane laugh at the end of the film. I may just have to read Batman verses Predator! 

For more shits and giggles, I found this great article that features 8 Life Lessons We Can Learn from the 'Predator', here are some, click for a more detailed analysis:

This murderous suspense film is a must see and right up there with Rambo!

NEW ARRIVALS: Vintage Devotion

Ahh Friday has come finally. On another happy note here are four more arrivals that I created while on vacation. Reminder today all earrings are 25% off, so swing on by Red Heart 13.

~ 1) A vintage piece and mysterious at that, this Mothman Necklace is a memento of the legend of the infamous Mothman of West Virginia; made from a silver filigree flourish pendant, red glass beads and links from a vintage rhinestone bracelet.

~ 2) Oh Bambi, did you get lost again? A Fawn Sweet Heart Necklace to add cuteness and vintage to your day; made from a dainty revamped fawn brooch and matched with a pale pink vintage button.

~ 3) This Timeless Devotion Necklace is truly a symphony of romance and elegance.

~ 4) Speckled fruity sweetness, these Nerd Candy Drops are just the thing to bring the kid out in us all; made from vintage speckled glass beads, vintage enamel flowers and glass drops.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

English Relics

Have you ever wanted to adorn your body with a piece of history; wondering what events it might have been in or what scents accompanied it in the past?

English Relics fuses modern design with genuine artifacts from the Roman through Victorian eras, you will find handcrafted one of a kind relics caressed with modern fashion pieces.

I stumbled upon this dynamic shop the other day and fell in love. English Relics are run by three friends, Angela Thompson, Angela Traill and Peter Leathers. While the two Angela's run the marketing team, fashion designer Peter Leathers designs and handcrafts each piece. He combines modern contemporary with actual Roman, Viking, Medieval and Tudor artifacts into exceptional belts, cuffs and necklaces. 

Check our their website too!

Top Left: Genuine Medieval girdle ring hand-stitched necklace, just a stunning sculptural necklace.

~ Genuine 19th Century Buckle Snakeskin Cuff, made with an 18th century bronze shoe or hat buckle found in England and fused with 1930s recycled snakeskin.

~ Original 17th/18th Century Bronze Mount and Buckle Belt: an be worn as a striking belt of even corset.

~ Fascinating Original Antique Tudor Bronze Mount on Suede Belt from the 15th-16th century.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ALice In Wonderland

Just Extravagant and Glorious! The concept art is just a dream…

L O V E L I E S   I N S P I R E D   B Y    A L I C E    H E R S E L F

from Tilly Bloom.
from Jewel Street.
from Dear Dodo.


NEW ARRIVALS: The Charming Life!

Hello everyone, here are some new arrivals that I created while on vacation all of last week,  you can see more images later this week or just stop by Red Heart 13 to see all 10 new darlings.

~ 1) Very Superstitious, this vintage charm necklace will sure to bring you luck, featuring a black cat pendant, rhinestone horseshoe pendant and a skeleton key.

~ 2) These romantic Vampire Lestat Drops are truly mysterious and make a bold statement, I imagine them shinning on pale skin.

~ 3) This Golden Legend Talisman is a beautiful symbolic talisman and protector of evil, it features a large vintage Saint Christopher medal with wings and rosary beads.

~ 4) Idling the human body is beautiful, especially with this I Heart Anatomy Necklace that features an oxidized rib cage on a vintage silver bow. It is truly a lovers dream of the skeletal system!

REMINDER: Today is Red Wednesday: buy 1 piece of jewelry, get the 2nd half off!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blast From the Past: 1950s style

One of my favorite all time decades has to be the 1950s, if I could time travel I'd go back and visit the late 1800s, 40s, 50s and the big hair 80s (just for the fashion). Now I don't own a Delorean but let's take a virtual trip back in time, a time when the American economy was on the upswing, the Korean War and the beginning of the Cold War created a politically conservative atmosphere. Juvenile delinquency was at epidemic proptortions for the time and racial segregation was still about although the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s would soon be brewing.

On a more upbeat note, there were radical times filled with the Dudes, the Hipsters, Gloria Swanson, James Dean, it was the first introduction of B-movie Westerns on television, Abstract Expressionism had started to gain worldwide influence and it was the creation of two of my favorite novels, Fahrenheit 451 and The Catcher In the Rye. There were all kinds of musicians jamming out like Hank Williams, The Chordettes and the rockabilly kings like Bill Haley and Johhny Cash. And who cannot forget the drive-ins that were filled with young couples and teen films like Rebel Without a Cause, The Blob and I Was a Teenage Werewolf

I always look back at many things from this devine decade, but one thing comes to mind: the cool style and fashion. There was a driving force of 1950s society which embodied youngsters, during this decade the term teenagers was conceived. There were a ton of influences in the eyes of these radicals including daring films, rock music and magazines like American Manhood and TAB. These youngsters with owned fashions and music and roamed the streets filled with cafes and milk bars. There was certainly a generation gap between the conservative parents and their wild offspring during this time, I always think of Ward and June Cleaver.

Even European teens were influenced by America! You had the greasers and preppies of course, greasers followed the standard black leather and denim jeans set by Marlon Brando in The Wild One, these actors and Rock 'n Roll gods like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis were setting the standards without even knowing it. On the other end of the spectrum you had the preppies who were neat as a pin. The teen girls wore full skirts with large appliques on their clothing or had the pressed pleated polyester skirts which helped maintain that slimming look. On top they wore scoop neck blouses, classy cardigans and would often knot a scarf and pull it to the side. Such a sassy look I'd say.

Far right: Fall 2006 Men's Comme Des Garcons by Rei Kawakubo. Model features a Teddy Boy ensemble with two-tone rebellious attitude.

For the guys, you had the Teddy Boys or Neo-Edwardians, who worn the sported Drape long knee length single breasted wool jackets with plenty of pockets. They'd match them with narrow trousers, stiff shirts and suede shoes. The boys had sideburns and slicked back their hair often busting out with the switchblade comb. The rocker style was born from the Teds, who wore Drapes at weekends but leathers on their bikes. Their chicks wore plenty of eye make up and took every fashion over the top, a fav ensemble was a close fitted black sweater and a calf skirt, toreader pants or circle skirts matched with a low cut top to show off the goods when cutting the rug. Now if I ever had a chance I'd snag me a man that had that real rebel look, Johnny Depp comes to mind from Cry Baby or even Richie from The Wanderers.

With all this talk about time travel and hot attire, I found some real gems in the etsy community and wanted to share some retro finds to doll up you, your man or even home, let's walk down memory lane shall we…

~ 1) These Vintage Sleek Sexy Black Cat Eye Spectacles from Third Granny are perfect to spice up any outfit, match with a special cardigan, pencil skirt and simple pearls and you got a match made in heaven.
~ 2) Roll the odds with these Mini Black Dice Stud Earrings from GrOglmann, add a little swagger in you step. Can the Rat Pack tag along?
~ 3) Pink and Black Diner Saucers from Bohemienne are just waiting for a strawberry milkshake to top them off. Mmmm.
~ 4) Oh Sandy baby! This original 1950s White Shelf-Bust Strapless Metallic Chiffon Couture Cocktail Prom Wedding Dress is to die for! Stop by Timeless Vixen for femme fatale fashions from  the 1870s to the 1970s.
~ 5) Cut up a rug in these Vintage Red and White Low Heel Lace Up Shoes from Zaas Vintage Boots, mix and match these 1970s shoes with a hot pencil skirt and you will be hot to trot.

6) A modern twist on the charming poodle skirt, add some whimsy with this Vintage Poodle Charm Pendant from Mimi's Vintage Shop.
7) A 1950s Classic Bow Tie in black from Elizabeth Wren Vintage, it is a simple pleasure of seeing any man dress so handsomely.
8) Killer Wild West Cuff Links by Brehan Todd, a perfect rockabilly accessory for any chase on the streets.
9) A flavorful variety of 4 Recycled Boylan's Soda Bottle Glasses from YAVA Glass, these nostalgic glasses are perfect for any cocktail party, don't you think?

Meet GUS!

Hello everyone, pleasant days and pleasant nights. I'm back from vacation and have a new friend I'd like you to meet. This is Gus, he is a Dutch Blue Love Bird. He is so cute and reminds me of an old man with white bird, and he is so clumsy too. Him and Jagger are getting along just fine and the first day Jagger even came over and was grooming him; so sweet. I will have to get a picture of them together one day, they are buddies now, but Niki will surely be remembered. 

Randal Flag my cat, really missed the birds while they were at my dad's while on vacation. I would see him moping around and laying next to where the cage was, but he is back to his old tricks. I catch him jumping on the cage and I have to squirt him with water, so then he lays at the bottom making these soft talking noises like he is crying. Oh Flag! It all sweet and giggles around the Marvel household again.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dearest Vacation Gods

If you are listening please make the rain stop, please make the pain stop from this horrible UTI. Why must I keep running to the bathroom? My week has been good until now. Monday was awesome hung out on the beach for hours but water was very cold, I just put my feet in. Tuesday was swell, made some jewelry and then later went to this Hawaiian bar for dinner, had these amazing wings with Sesame sauce and drunk the night away. Wednesday was ok though not sunny enough to go to the beach, so we went to the outlets. Bruce got some shades and shorts from the Dickies store, I got these rad slip on leather Converse shoes and a top from Old Navy, all was good up to this point, but then I felt the pain down below and had to run out to Rite Aid to get pills that make your pee turn orange. I was ok, not too bad yet, we all went into Rehobeth and had all you can eat crabs, I ate til I was full, so good, but after like 15 ugh. We walked around but when we got home I was stuck to the toilet man, worst pain ever, I would take my monthly friend over that pain. So I couldn't get to sleep and decided to take a hot bath, which was the best idea ever, though I almost fell asleep twice but it helped so much, I finally got to sleep about 1am. I'm feeling alot better this morning but hope I don't run out of medicine, it is pouring out and Bruce is leaving to drive back up to Wilmington to go to school tonight. I may just sleep all day...So if you are listening Vacation Gods, please help!

Sincerely and painfully yours,

Friday, June 12, 2009

And the WINNER(s) Are!

Good morning, at 12:00 a.m. we picked the winners for the June Giveaway Contest! You say winners, yes! Well I was feeling so overjoyed with the outcome of the entries that I wanted to pick a 2nd winner. I want to thank everyone who entered, I truly appreciate all my supporters, you don't know how much you mean to me!

So after counting over 25 entries, I printed the names out and folded them to then drop them into my lucky leopard hat that I got at one of my favorite vintage boutiques in NYC. Here is my husband Bruce picking out the winners, so with much adieu I want to announce who you are…

1st Place Winner: GWEN from Beyond the Picket Fence
She will receive my original painting of Skeleton Krew: no.22 Midnight Matilda

2nd Place Winner: Izabella from Creative Souls
She will receive a $15 Gift Certificate from Red Heart 13.

**Both winners will be contacted shortly, congratulations and thank you again! 
Stay tuned for details regarding a giveaway from the Black 13 Collection coming in December.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NEWS ARRIVALS: Odd & Forgotten

Hello everyone, a splendid week here at RHC, I have two official days before my vacation, I am so excited just to get away finally. Next week I will be wasting away at the beach with my husband and hopefully will be able to clear my head. I will be leaving the shop open and will have internet access, but won't be doing any shipping until I return June 22nd.

On a more lovelier note, six new pieces have arrived this week at Red Heart 13 and am offering FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry for the annual Yart Sale on etsy, which ends June 14th. I hope to see you stop by!

~ 1) An elegant Fabregé Romance to adorn your neck, it reminds me of one of the 105 jeweled eggs made by Peter Carl Fabregé between 1885 and 1917, of which only 69 are known to survive. The large egg pendant is kissed with cream pearls and is matched with a golden rose pendant.

~ 2) After a long day sitting on the throne, the queen always takes out her Royal Nightcap for a midnight drink of Brandy. This darling revamped liquor tag is a perfect nostalgic delight for any evening out on the town.

***If you are interested I also have an identical liquor tag that can be switched to read Gin/Vodka, what ever suits your tastes buds!

~ 3) When I was creating this Catholic School Years necklace, it reminded me of my years during catholic school, some were sour memories of mean girls but mostly memories about theology, and it wasn't until my 20's did I realize how much I appreciated my experience. This necklace features a religous medal from 1909, wooden rosary beads on a brass chain.

~ 4) This dark Midnight Express ensemble reminds me of a mourning soul traveling back in time to change their fate. It is truly the blackest of the black, I can image it being worn on pale skin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Pleasant days and pleasant nights sye, greetings from my pretend world of splendid melancholy and of course who cannot forget tragedy. I am into the finer things in life like jumping on the bed and jelly bellies, but it seems I've turned the corner and my world has become somber and mysterious, filled with vampires and black noir that lores me in with but a kiss. 

It is an enraptured world with vampires and dark stories, truly I've been inspired lately with Edward and my boy Bill from True Blood. So of course these handsome dark beasts must tempt me and they've seemed to snuck their way into my art, so with much adieu I present my newest painting from my Sweet Heart Collection

A Killer Queen is on the loose, she sits on her throne after her midnight seduction! This temptress of the night is framed in blood and has a odd look pouring from her blue eyes with a slight calm pout, to match her blood stained pearls. This petite vamp is comes in a metal frame with glass, she is a perfect delight to hang above the fire place perhaps. She is now available at Red Heart 13 and awaiting courtship to whom shall have her.

The Travelers Talisman

My recent mood has been quite strange I must say, with a couple deaths lingering and me finding myself in almost several accidents this month; I believe someone is watching me and my art is reflecting a mysterious yet beautiful side of talismans.

There are many guardian amulets, protection symbols and even people to whom you can pray for protection, these symbols surround us and are part of our daily lives. Even in religious teachings, symbols are presented as emblems which represent a deeper level and have a story connected with them. There are all kinds of symbols that speak a secret language, ranging from astrology, magic, greek mythology, and religion. I am a fond believer of talismans or symbols of protection especially during my travels and often carry them on my body or in my belongings.

One concept I believe in is the protection against the evil eye, also known as the Maluka. It is one of the oldest worldwide superstitions dating back even before the Egyptians and Mesopotamian civilizations, to this day it still continues to influence many people around the world. It is believed by the ancients that certain evil or spiteful people could cause sickness and death merely by casting their eye on another person. There are several symbols of protection, for example the lucky Italian horn amulet often worn in Italy to protect against the evil eye, but it has also been linked to Celtic and Druid myths and beliefs. Centuries ago it was believed that when animal horns pointed to the moon goddess they were considered sacred. You will often see this amulet worn on necklaces over the heart. Another symbol is the Hamsa or Hand of Fatima, which depicts an eye centered on an open, five fingered hand, it encourages good luck and helps ward off bad luck.

Now being raised as a catholic I am more drawn to symbolism and saints of this faith. You will often see me wear a crucifix around my neck or if you ever get a chance to come to my house you will see a cross in every room, amongst other holy items such as water fonts and framed art of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart. But I can't be locked up at home all the time, so during my travels I am guided by my first communion rosary that hangs from my rear view mirror; it was given to me by my mother which was passed down from her mother. I also have a small prayer card of Our Lady of the Highway in my glove box. I remember first hearing about this prayer in grade school, it was common practice to read it before going on field trips. However, there is actually a shrine where a statue carved from marble stands, it was a gift to the Cross In The Woods Shrine in 1957;  and she has been a patroness of millions who visit the shrine in Michigan.

Amongst other patrons and messengers of protection is Saint Christopher, who is seen on medallions with his name and scene from the Golden Legend, where it is said he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders in reference to carrying a child during the crossing of a raging river, later the child appeared to him as Christ before he vanished. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of many places including Germany, Barga, Italy, Greece, Lithuania and the Philippines. He holds patronage of things related to travel, floods, for a holy death, mariners, sailors, storms and even a toothache. 

~ Trilogy Talisman Bracelet, featuring a vintage custom bracelet made of pearls and rhinestones, it holds a special medal of Saint Christopher and on the reverse is Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

Another interesting patron is the Messenger of Gods in Greek mythology, Hermes was a messenger of boundaries beyond the never world, an angel of travelers who guided them to the roads they crossed and was a shifter of dreams and a watcher of the night. He protected all, even the loneliest gunslinger, the harlots and thieves who prayed to him or crossed his path. Hermes even served as an escort of the dead to help them cross into the afterlife or underworld. He is quite interesting and I was lucky enough to come across these brilliant medals a few months back featuring this patron, I decided to create a talisman of my own. A brave protector amongst vintage crystals that reflect against your neck, I call these earrings The Travelers Talisman.

We all come from different times, places and beliefs. We hold certain relics in our lives that mark a security to our hearts, let these strong talismans, amulets, and symbols protect our souls and be a guiding light.

Do you have a special talisman that you carry with you?
We'd love for you to share your story.
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